Philippe Charles Jacquet

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Odile Swift


Philippe Charles Jacquet was born on November 5, 1957 in Paris, France
He lives and works quoted of Paris.

Adventurous by nature, he loved open spaces and the sea, his early tended towards painting and natural landscapes.

Painting is his way of telling stories, those he would have liked to live, those he could not live. His landscapes are timeless decors, aspirations towards infinity.
He studied Architecture in Paris, graduated in 1980 and practiced for 20 years.
He managed a gallery in Pantin for ten years, where he met numerous artists and used the facility to show his own work. He now devotes his time entirely to his painting.
Dreams, day visions, open fields, oceans, endless plains, fountains, boats lying and forgotten…
An imaginary world, of infinite detail and rigorous lines.
A very particular and mysterious atmosphere.
A universe lying somewhere between fantasy and reality.
His most recent trend is rooted in the theme of ships, a mysterious ambience in a universe lying somewhere between fantasy and reality.